Did you miss me?

Young man_DylanThe past several months have been some of the most fun, yet most stressful I have ever lived.

There is a reason that starting churches is typically a “young man’s” game!

The energy level required is enormous!   If you are in a congregation less than 10 years old and the founding minister / pastor is still there — walk up and give him a HUGE hug Sunday morning.   Then do the same for his spouse.

I haven’t blogged recently because I simply had run out of time and/or energy.   For awhile I was putting in 12-16 hour days 4-5 days a week.

I took a test recently that was supposed to measure your mental age.  I landed squarely in the 32-38 range.  Unfortunately — according to my doctor and my mother I have the body of 62-year-old man.  Healthy — but still age 62.

Naps and gallons of coffee simply don’t make up for the powerhouse of youth.

That’s not to say us older, veteran guys can’t plant churches.  It is just that we must work smarter — much, much smarter — and not rely on working harder.

Adjustments have been made.  Time is being used much more wisely.  Sleep and I have become old friends again.  I have actually been able to spend quality time with family that was not church/job related.

I hopefully am back to sharing on this platform regularly.

So — take a lesson.  Sabbath isn’t a word that means Saturday or Seventh.  It is a word that means REST.  God designed us for down time.  He commands us to take some down time.

Remember the Sabbath.  Remember to stop work once in awhile and simply enjoy conversation, books, music, sleep, the dog, your wife (these aren’t listed in terms of priority).  Just relax.


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