Dancing Revolutionaries

V for VendettaRecently I finally saw a movie that I had been meaning to watch for awhile.  V for Vendetta. 

Interesting….  The plot centers around taking a stand against a tyrannical government that oddly enough is very religious and legalistic.  Many “sinful” things are banned.  There is much that could be discussed about that topic alone, but for now we will be content with saying that the same plot could be written with the government being one that only allows that which is PC (politically correct) and those who oppose their liberal and humanistic views are punished (sound vaguely familiar?).  Well, that is a topic for another day.

What struck me was one line — “Any revolution without dancing is not worth having”.  Sometimes we in the church world forget two things:

  • We are revolutionaries
  • We are to be joyful and willing to express that joy (even if it means dancing)

We stand in opposition to the powers of this world and are behave in a manner that is revolutionary.  (See the Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 5-6). We are called to live in a way that is counter cultural.  The “conventional wisdom” of the day (you have heard it said that….) says one thing, but we believe and live another.

Conventional wisdom says killing is bad, but I can really hate you — we counter that with a love for all that says the act of hating a brother is the same as killing him.  That anger, hate, and bitterness is where murder starts.

Same applies to adultery — to stealing — to any such item we list.  Conventional wisdom says this or that is taboo.  We say it isn’t the act — it is the heart in which such actions take form that is the real problem.

It is easy in a revolution to get very caught in the seriousness of the cause.  This is important stuff and we don’t have time to goof off, to become distracted, to “dance”.

God calls us to be light and salt in this world (but sometimes we live and act as if He calls us to be vinegar and castor oil.

King David found such joy in the presence and blessings of God he threw off the royal facade and simply danced in the street (much to his wife’s dismay)!

So disciple, have you taken time to dance today?  Are you a dancing revolutionary standing firm against conventional wisdom with every expression of joy?


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