Couch Cushions

under-the-couch-cushionsIt started with moving the grandkids’ bicycles to their great grandmother’s garage for winter storage.  I was helping my daughter reconfigure the rear seating in the minivan to allow both bikes to be put in the back so we could move them a few miles away to her grandmother’s garage (traditional storage facility for various family items).

In the process it was decided that should put the spare tire back in the intended storage compartment.  In this particular van that is under the floor boards between front and middle row of seats.             (I know, I asked the same questions but it appears engineers never change tires.)

By this time 2/3 of the seating has been removed.  Why not remove the floor mats and rugs and vacuum the whole interior?  Also in the process we found:

  • a dirty sock
  • a stocking cap
  • a pink plastic spoon
  • bouncy balls from vending machines
  • misc food scraps that were virtually unrecognizable
  • other items that we didn’t bother to consider — just removed them

(This is all typical for a family minivan that regularly transports 3 small boys to various sports and church events.)odysse-vac

Since we were on a roll we also took down the Christmas tree and removed the couch cushions to clean there.  (Amongst many strange things cleaned from the couch was the match for the sock found in the van — go figure?)

What’s the point?

Sometimes we need to remove the seats from our spiritual minivan.

Sometimes it is good to remove the cushions from our spiritual couch.

Only then can God reveal to us those items that seriously need to be cleaned out and removed.

It isn’t pleasant — but results are worth the risk…..

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