Come to church — have a drink!

I really don’t “listen” to this particular radio show. The Spew

It is more like background buzz.

During the summer months I spend a great deal of time working the landscape at the store where I make my living.  Mowing, weed eater, maybe spraying some weed killer here and there….

I usually have on headphones that contain a radio.  During one particular hour the station I listen to plays a radio version of The View — titled The Spew.  Two of the on air personalities who rarely agree “spew” about local or national news items in a debate format.

What caught my attention on this sunny day was a story about a bar.

Actually it was about a Cleveland suburb that gave permission for an abandoned church to converted into a bar / pub.

Neither host is exceptionally religious.  But they both had the same response — The church consists of the people — the congregation — and not the building.  No Problem!  bar in churchWell………….Those texting in and calling in to the show saw it much differently.  It was really interesting to hear two non-preacher / non-theologian personalities trying to defend a solid biblical truth.  Church is where ever the people meet.   One of the hosts who had a Catholic background pointed out that anyplace could be “consecrated” as a place of worship.

Much of the debate centered around the idea of how could you consider drinking in what used to be a house of worship?

One point no one came to — but they hit all around it — was if it is OK to do anywhere else, why not in a church building?

There are many levels of discussion possible here — but I really wanted to raise the question.   If it is OK behavior  — shouldn’t it be OK in a church building?  If it isn’t OK in a church building — maybe it isn’t OK at all?   This isn’t just about drinking.  And the question goes both ways.  Where does integrity and consistency begin or end?

Just a thought…….

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