Closing up the Garden Center

Working at a big box retail store makes one very aware of the seasons.  Sometimes they change a tad early compared to real world, but the ebb and flow of various seasons are quite prominent in the day to day work within big box retail reality. lowes garden center winter

This week we officially closed the garden center.  For all intent and purpose — it is winter out there.  All the water is shut off.  The few remaining plants are drastically reduced — sell or be pitched…..

Tables which once held hundreds of flowers and plants have been converted for Christmas tree display,  empty for now, but soon they will hold spruce, fir and pine of various sizes and shapes.

Miscellaneous items used during the summer months are — or have been —  tucked away.  The fans, the water cooler, the spare cash registers and various watering devices.

As the transition finishes up the garden center will move into a dormant status for several weeks.  When the Christmas trees and outdoor decorations arrive the center will slowly revive for a few weeks, then lie dormant again until spring.

This dormant time provides a good time to clean up.  Great time to make repairs.  Wonderful opportunity to reconfigure and remodel in the center.  But all in all — not much happens that is very exciting.

Sometimes our spiritual lives need such seasons.  Some time during which we sit back, chill, shut down.   Clean up, repair, refocus, reconfigure.

Spiritually there are times in our lives that require all hands on deck and everything running at top speed.  But we also need those down times to shut off and take a breath.

It was nice to finish up the winter prep today.  Over the coming weeks things will gear up for the Christmas season and soon after that the spring flurry.  But the prep time is to be valued as well.

God designed us all for a time of Sabbath rest.   So relax.  Breathe.  Let it all rest for a short time.  After all — Christmas is coming sooner than we want to admit…..

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