City Tours

By the time you read this I will probably be in the “deep woods” relaxing.

The last 5 days have been anything but relaxing….

Wednesday:  Downtown Cleveland

Thursday:  Reading and Studying some websites on Urban church work.

Friday:  Cincinnati — Price Hill and surrounding areas

Saturday:  Downtown Pittsburgh

Sunday:  Back to Akron and the Kenmore area

Most of that time was spent studying and meditating on the need and the style of doing disciple-making withing the inner city or the “less than suburb” areas of the city.

urban_wallIt is challenging work.  Over and over those I read or talked with said, “Do NOT take our program and try to completely duplicate it — brick by brick”.  

Your city is not my city.  Your situation is not mine.

Some common threads that I want to share with all of you.

1.  Not matter where you live and work — people need a connection to Jesus.

2.  You have been placed where you are to minister to those you see on a regular basis.

3.  Real “long-term” ministry happens when there is a relationship.

4.  Sometimes meeting a physical need is required to open the door for spiritual discussion.

5.  If you care more about the appearance or the look of a ministry than about the people — your are doomed.

So who do you see on a daily basis who is need of spiritual guidance?

What can you do to show them you genuinely care about their life?  (as opposed to seeing them as “prospect” or “project”)

Can you strip away the religious veneer and really start living and interacting with others?  Are you capable of non-judgmental conversations and life experiences?

While I think about these things in the “back-country”….take a few moments to consider them for your own situation.

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