Can Relational Discipleship work in my church?

If you want to know more about Relational Discipleship and what it could mean for your congregation I would love to talk more with you about it.  There are some definite benefits to moving a church into a Relational Discipleship model.

1.  It is very Biblical.   Jesus started out in a relational disciple-making model.   The original 12 were Called and Changed then Commissioned and Committed to Go and do likewise.  (Matthew 4:19 and Matthew 28:19-20).

2.  It is practical and cost efficient.  Making disciples and training them to maturity through relationship costs very little.  All that is really needed is a Bible.   There are many other tools that can be used, but two gathered in the name of Jesus, honestly living life together in the context of scriptural teaching is all that is essential.

3.  It produces results.  There is something completely irresistible about someone who genuinely loves you and cares about your welfare.  Jesus told us that the world would know we were His disciples by our love.   That love is also what attracts.

For a bit more of a look at Relational Discipleship check out Real Life Ministries.  This link gives you some great starting points.  The training is fantastic, but Idaho is long way off — if you want have training more local to NE Ohio please contact:  Charles L. Hahlen.

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