When it comes to Christian music I still gravitate to toward the work of Rich Mullins.  Sadly, he was taken from us way too soon.

In the movie about his life — Raggamuffin — there is a series of scenes in which he struggles with the call to move to Nashville and write for Amy Grant and be part of the emerging Christian music scene there and staying in Cincinnati where the work is comfortable and friends are close.

Ultimately he chooses to go the Nashville, but does so in fear and trembling.

I identify.

Right now I hear God calling toward something that scares me more than anything has in a long time.

The status quo is safe.  It is comfortable.  It works.  It glorifies God.

The path He is leading me down is scary.  It may not work.  I KNOW there will opposition.  There are many questions (few answers).

I have moments where I really want to rewind and go back.  Then in other moments I want to get this thing going — can’t wait to start getting it under way.

In the film Rich is at a small concert in a local church when he admits to the audience (and himself) that he has to go to Nashville.  That’s where he is being called.  He also assures the audience (and himself) that no matter how successful or unsuccessful this path may be — one thing remains.

Rich plays softly and sings…..

Jesus loves me, this I know /For the Bible tells me so……

Remember dear disciple.   God may call you down some very dark and scary paths, but His love goes with you everywhere and forever….

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