Called to Wash Feet

Foot washerOn Good Friday we most often think about the crucifixion and the death of Jesus.

I tend to be more likely to reflect on the hours before the arrest, betrayal and death of Jesus.  I think about the Upper Room:

  • No one has considered the need for washing feet (an unpleasant and thankless task)
  • Disciples are worried about posturing and prominence
  • Jesus realized these moments are key in the memory of these men and their mission
  • Jesus is the most powerful person in the room and commands the stage

So he leverages that power to benefit others.  Even at the price of his own dignity.  He sacrifices his position to elevate and serve others.

They didn’t deserve it and probably didn’t even understand it at the moment.

But he washes.

He serves.

He sacrifices.

He teaches ….. go do the same in your world.

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