But Mom….

In John 2 we read an account from the life of Christ that is recorded quite briefly, but contains some great food for thought in the lives of disciples willing to stop and consider.  Jesus is at a wedding feast in Cana of Galilee.  We really don’t know much about how he came to Water into winebe invited.  We just know that this ordinary wedding became extraordinary because here Jesus performed the first recorded miracle of his ministry.  Here he answered a prayer for the first time that we have recorded in the gospels.

Yeah, I never considered this a story about answered prayer either, but when you really look at it carefully you see that Mary in her own way came to Jesus with a request, petition — a prayer and trusted him to answer the request in a way that would be best.

  • There was a problem  — no more wine
  • Mary brought the problem to Jesus — simply and unadorned, without trying to solve things on her own or involving others before she came to Jesus
  • Mary trusted Jesus — telling the servants to do whatever Jesus told them.
  • Jesus answered the prayer — with quality and quantity (better wine than had been presented earlier, and a large quantity — about 900 bottles worth).

Jesus always goes where he is invited.  Jesus always honors prayers offered by those who love him and that he loves.  When we trust the problem completely to him Jesus will answer beyond our expectations.

There is no more wine — I’m done.  I’m empty.  I don’t have any more.

Jesus I’ll trust you — no one or nothing else.  All my hope lies in your hands.

Even though Jesus really wasn’t expecting to do a miracle that day — he all but said to Mary, “but Mom!  It isn’t in my plan”.  Yet he recognized faith and is always impressed by expressions of it.

What empty wine pot do you need to bring to Jesus today?



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