Bummer Dude

Garfield_bummerSouthern California has a laid back reaction to life.

It an almost “who cares?” reaction.  Every crisis is met with a non-panicked response.

One Southern Cal preacher lists several “Bummer Dudes” that need to faced and accepted in life if you hope to survive and/or thrive spiritually.


1.  Life is Unfair  — Early on we learn that bad things happen to good people.   Good things sometimes happen to those who are undeserving.  One of our favorite parenting lines when the kids were growing up was “Life isn’t fair, buy a helmet”.   Sometimes you have to just work through it.  Grace and Truth are both part of spiritual reality.  Sometimes Grace means we let things slide.  Other times Truth must take an unpopular stand.  Sometimes consistency is hard to come by.

Well, no one said life was fair!   Bummer Dude…..

2.  People will hurt you — I don’t care who you are.  You will hurt people sometimes.  Either on purpose or by accident.  People will hurt you.  Again,  either on purpose or by accident.  Much like number 1 — it just happens.  This is why forgiveness is such a big deal.  If I hold onto every hurt I become bitter and mean (and hurt people).  If everyone held onto the times I hurt them I would be a continuing target of wrath and destruction.

We will be hurt and we will hurt.  Bummer Dude…..

3.  Yesterday is gone — I cannot undo or delete.  The harsh words.  The mistreatment.  The pain.  The unfair circumstances.  We can forgive and we can make amends, but the events, the words, the damaged emotions, all remain.  You can chose to live there or you can continually look forward and determine to make tomorrow better with the lessons learned.  My first church loved us greatly.  We loved them.  I still got fired.   I can list several ways that my getting fired was unfair and hurtful.  Thirty plus years later I have a better idea of how to make things work and avoid the pain.  I can hold that grudge — or move on.

Yesterday is etched in stone.   Bummer Dude….

4.  You are not in control — Too many variables to be a control freak.  I don’t know what lies around the corner.  I don’t have control over everyone else in my life.  I work with what I have and try to maintain some flexibility for the unexpected.  Building margin into your life helps cushion the unplanned interruption.  The auto accident, the sickness, the lost job, and so on.   I can start the day with my “to do” list in hand, but life happens.

Life happens.   Bummer Dude…..

5.  We all die — Inevitable.  It could be tomorrow.  It could be in 30 years.  It will be.   No one escapes.  It is appointed to men to die.

You started dying on day one.    Bummer Dude…..

But as a disciple we know that we serve a God who has taken the unfairness and hurtfulness of life and promised that it will one day be over.  It will one day be removed.  We serve a God who can work all things — even our busted up yesterdays — into something good.  He holds the future.  He is in control.   We don’t have to worry over past errors or try to control the events of the coming day.  We trust in the creator of all and the one who holds all in His hand.  We will someday surely die.  Yet for me to live is Christ and then death is nothing more than gain.

Life is sometimes a Bummer Dude.

waveBut the life lived in Christ is the ultimate wave!  

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