Breaking up Concrete

concrete repairsThe cracks were a problem.  Nothing earth shaking or dangerous — but getting there.   These cracks were symptoms of a greater issue and had the potential to become a major problem done the road.

So — we fix it — right!?

One problem — the fix means making it worse before it gets better.  To do a proper repair you have to really make a mess.

Saw cut around the damaged area.   Use a huge jack hammer to break up the perimeter of the area in question.  Then break up the whole thing with the track hoe.  Haul away the debris.

Then you can actually start repairs.   Even then the new concrete has to be allowed to cure for 7 days.

All of this making it VERY inconvenient in regard to access to the building.   The entrance must be closed.  The employees have to work harder and think through new logistics for the next 10-14 days.

Kind of like dealing with a bad habit or a spiritual deficiency in your life.

Things don’t change overnight.

First — you have to admit the problem exists and commit to making the changes.

Second — you have to be willing to dive into the process.  It means tearing up your life.  Changes have to be made.  Sometimes relationships have to be broken.  Bad influences have to be removed.

Finally — new spiritual habits have to be developed.  But it takes time.  There is a period of struggle and effort.

But it is so worth it.

Many don’t want to make the effort.  But like any remodeling project the final product makes it worth while.

What areas in your life require some major rework?   Are you ready to take on the challenge and do the hard work of transformation?


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