Bon Voyage…

CBM boat2As you read this we are in final prep for the trip to Brazil.  The work with Central Brazil Mission will begin on Wednesday, 2/19.

It will be two weeks of bringing some of the basics of medical care to village that are for the most part third world.   On a humanitarian level it is great work.  But the purpose is more than just vitamins and pain killers for the villagers.

The work is a building of trust and relationships with these villages which will eventually lead to the establishment of a church which will mean making disciples — who make disciples and so on.

When you see the vastness of the Amazon region and understand how many areas there are that are untouched by modern civilization and the message of God’s grace — you can get a bit discouraged.

but God has promised that his word does not return void.   When you put his word out there.  When you are faithful to his teachings — nothing is impossible.

God came to a small, insignificant part of the world — a nation enslaved by Rome and chose twelve of the lowest of the low to invest in.  The world has never been the same…..

One small boy — One little girl — One family — One village church.  Who knows what God may do with them.  We tend to think that the next great leaders of the church will come from New York,  California, Great Britain, or another western country.  but God has always done what man has least expected.  CBMchurch

Don’t forget — everyone thought the Messiah would be born in Jerusalem.  Surprise — check out the barn.

So off we go to the Amazon.  God hasn’t asked us to plan out every detail of how He is working.  He just says go — make disciples.  The rest is in his hands.


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