Bloom where plantedRecently I have been thinking about the whole Bloom where you are Planted concept.

We often see greener grass — over there.

If I had a different job.  If I made more money.  If I were not in this relationship.  If my family were not so dysfunctional.

If I had more help from others.  If I didn’t have such a weird past.  If….

But what if…..?  I resolve to bloom here — now — regardless? bloom-where-you-are-planted 2

What if I don’t let the perception of difficulty hinder the growth?

Is it possible to take root?  To find the sun (SON)?  Can I bring color to the grey?

What if?  Why not?  How could I?

We wait and wait, not realizing that we are wasting precious time because tomorrow is promised to no one. The key to life is blooming where you’re planted.

bloom where planted 3Obstacles?  So what?

Ugly surroundings?  How do I bring beauty?

Time is against me?  Start now!

Bloom where you are planted.  God promised us that to whom much is given much will be expected.   Does that imply that we may have to prove faithful with a little to be trusted with more?

In the parable of the talents the man who buried the one talent was chastised for failing to even make an effort.

God doesn’t demand success.   He demands faithfulness.  Obedience.  Make the effort.

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