Blind Spots and Genius

geniusI posted this the other day on Facebook.  It got a fairly decent response.  Most realized it was a bit tongue in cheek — although it did actually happen.

Every once in a while life hands you an event that makes you look like genius. Entered the break room to see several fellow employees huddled around an apparently dead coffee maker. No lights. No action. As they lamented the death of this trusted friend I calmly walked over and pushed the power button.
Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.
That’s why they pay me the big bucks.
Enjoy gentlemen. Enjoy.

I can’t explain it. I guess I have the gift.

In defense of my fellow employees — they are not dummies.  They are very skilled and capable men.

But like all of us, they encountered a problem that at the moment seemed completely without a solution.  They had “over thought” the issue and simply developed a blind spot.  The problem HAD to be technical, something complex, something very systemic.

All it took was another set of eyes.  Someone different to see the situation from a new angle.

Yeah — I looked like a genius.  Well from my perspective I did.  I’m not sure what was said about me as I walked away.

In our spiritual walk it is good to have a “second opinion” now and again.  We sometimes need to have another disciple, a mentor, a coach, or maybe just a friend — believer or otherwise — look at our lives and say, “What about….?”

We easily get blinded to our own blindness.   We go nose blind.  So used to the stink we don’t even notice any more.

That is the beauty of living discipleship in community.  Fellowship is less about food and coffee and more about open and honest discussion.  Sharing faith and life together.

That morning I felt like a genius.  Tomorrow I will probably have a moment when I feel really stupid after a friend points out a blind spot.   blind spotThat’s just the way it goes.

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