Beyond here there be dragons…..

I once saw a map of the world from pre-Christopher Columbus times.

You know, back when folks knew the earth to be flat.  When what lay beyond the horizon was still a grand mystery.  The one shown below is similar.  It depicts dire and disastrous

flat earth mapconsequences if you traveled too far.  Sea monsters and the like.  The one I saw had the words around the outside edge — “Beyond here there be dragons”.

The implication being — DON’T GO THERE!!

It is too dangerous.  It is unknown.  We cannot control the outcome.  The risks are too high.  It will probably cost too much.

Back in the days of South African apartheid we decided to take a short term mission trip there.  Well actually — Connie decided I should take the trip.  Over the almost 13 months it took to plan and develop the trip it went from a two week solo jaunt to a six-week family adventure.  Two adults and two kids — aged 9 and 6.  We started 1991 by flying out of Pittsburgh, PA on the 2nd day of year bound for the unknown.

Lots of questions.  Lots of fears.  Some thought we were crazy.  Some thought we were needlessly endangering the family.

But the call of mission was clear.  We simply had to go.  Despite the threat of dragons.

Where is God calling you that may be “off the map”?   Mission

Yeah — there might be dragons.  But what dragon can overcome our God?

Is He asking you to consider a new ministry?  To teach a class?  To open your home for a small group?  To reach out to some “unreachable and untouchable” people?

Whatever it may be — Step out in faith and trust in the KNOWN God instead of fearing the UNKNOWN.


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