Belated Mother’s Day

Below is a Facebook post from early Sunday morning — it got such a reaction I had to include here today.


She is a tiny woman in stature, but she looms large in the room when her family is there.
She is not as quick, as spry or as strong physically as she once was — but her impact is enormous.

When says jump  — we still ask how high?
When she gives us “that look” her middle aged sons still become 7-years old again.

Her grandchildren may grumble off stage — yet they know no one loves them as much as she does.

She has always pushed her sons to reach higher, she pushes her grandchildren to push higher and her great-grandchildren know she expects great things from them.

Evelyn Hahlen never stops. Even on those occasions when illness has her down she is still making her “lists” for when (not if) she is better.

Her lists are a source of frustration — yet somehow comfort. Her lists prove she still cares about life and her family.

We may complain about the lists sometimes — but how empty life would be without this little lady and her walker.

Happy Mother’s Day to a Christian lady who has impacted the world through her ministry of prayer, her ministry of love for the students when she worked for Johnson University,  and love for missionaries as she sends her monthly checks.

We love you….

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