Belated birthday wishes — Ruby

Ruby GuyThis should post on Friday afternoon July 15.   A few days ago a very special lady celebrated a birthday.  We won’t talk about which one.

I first met her as the mother of the “new girl” at church.  She was in reality the Youth minister’s wife.  Later the “Preacher’s wife”.

But she was more than that.  Over the years she became a mentor, a leader, a friendly face, and a source of constant encouragement.  She came with her husband to my home church in 1959.   She still is a part of the church life there.

Her husband came as Associate minister and later he became the “Senior” minister and he remained a key player in church life there for over thirty years — finally being called home in 2007.

Looking back I realize what great leaders Ruby and Art were.  A youth ministry before that was popular.  Ministry for that many years in church of over 500 — rare in any time period.   A children’s ministry that was super successful.  A church gym (before that was even thought of for churches).  A missions program that took a back seat to no one.

Art and Ruby never achieved national fame — but rather loved and served in a small NE Ohio town that didn’t always appreciate all they were doing.    Didn’t always understand how cutting edge they were in leading people to Christ.   Just in my frame of reference there were over a dozen who went into either paid ministry — or moved to new towns as adults and became leaders in their churches.  A great Legacy of faith.

Recently in a conversation with an “old” classmate her name came up — both us smiled and had nothing but great things to say….

More than a minister’s wife — she was “mom” in so many ways to so many of us kids.   She was there for us as kids even when we all were getting married and having kids of our own she still took (takes) and active interest in our lives.

My heart still melts when on those rare occasions that  I see her — her eyes light up and that smile sparkles — just like I really was one of her own children.

I pray your birthday was great one Ruby.  I pray your Kids, Grandkids, and Great Grandkids enjoy your wit and smile for many years to come.

You haven’t aged a bit!


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