Be Aware


Back in the cold war days our youth groups were constantly being bombarded with warnings and admonishments concerning the day might be coming in which we would face a threat to either deny our faith or die.

We played various role play games at camp centered in this threat.

The threat was real — but yet not real.   We knew that there was a culture and geo-political reality of atheist communism.  In theory that political reality posed a theoretical threat of persecution.

At the same time — we also knew that the series of events required for this to become a reality in our northern Ohio community rendered the threat pretty much academic.

We played along, but really didn’t care much.

Half a century later we are older and more mature.  A similar threat is reality in the middle east region.   Radical and extreme Muslims are taking the lives of Christians who refuse to convert or deny their faith.

This happens almost daily.

Can it come to northern Ohio — or you community — in the near future?  Probably not.

But should we be concerned?  Should we be praying for our brothers and sisters?   Should we be aware?

Definitely.   More mature and more aware of the world around us — we who have moved beyond simply high school faith need to be concerned.   We need to pray.   We need to at the very least be aware.

It is easy to tune out the news stories and ignore the events so far away.   But I am sure that God’s heart is breaking.   I seek to have a God-like / Christ-like heart so my heart should break also.

Pray.   Be aware.  Remember.   Be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy.

Be aware.

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