Back in the Salt Mines

Unfortunately I am not independently wealthy.  I don’t have the luxury of naming my own schedule and doing what I want — when I want.

I work a full-time job in order to do the ministry that I really love.   Forty hours a week belong to Lowe’s Home Improvement, Inc. — the rest is mine.  Because of Connie’s surgery and recovery I was able to take 2 weeks off work (combo of vacation and unpaid leave) in order to help her and support her as she recovered.

janitorBut now we are back at it.  4 AM to 1 PM daily shift — Monday through Friday.  Same basic routine day in — day out.  Sometimes a new wrinkle appears, or an interesting project.  The usual, however, is the “usual”.  Not real creative, not really inspiring, not really challenging — but all necessary.   I clean.  I am the Facility guy who cleans the floors, cleans the bathrooms, and makes what repairs are needed (either on my own — or I get professionals to come in).   It is necessary if not glamorous.  What I do keeps the store open and functioning smoothly.   The other “out front” employees are able to concentrate on their jobs and helping customers if I deal with the mundane issues “behind the scenes”.

We sometimes live our lives as Christians without understanding this dynamic.  We love the “vacation” time of being in exciting services or special church events — but what about the daily grind of just being salt and light?

Sometimes that daily grind of being God’s people in the midst of a broken and fallen world isn’t a glam as being on the worship team — the youth coach — the Sunday School teacher — or even a participant in dynamic worship.   We can get excited for the events of Sunday.

But there is also the necessary work of being salt and light on a daily basis.  Of cleaning up the messes sin leaves in the world.   Often ministry isn’t pretty.  Often ministry can be dirty and unpleasant.   But it is still necessary.  messy ministry

Face the mess God has called you to and begin the process of cleaning up — in the name of Jesus.

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