Avoid the Stupid and Crazy….

santoiletThe running gag around our house is how much I hate Christmas.  That really isn’t true.  I hate all the hoopla and hype that goes along with the holiday.

I hate the totally overwhelming deluge of Christmas “stuff” that is intended to get you “in the spirit”.

One person I am casually friends with on Facebook has had a countdown of the number of days till Christmas on her news feed since late spring……

I hate Christmas.

When I was in full time ministry we started Christmas plans in early September.  Now I work retail and nothing has changed.   Christmas and “trim a tree” boxes started coming off the truck the day after Labor Day.

See why I hate Christmas?  It is more the burnout of hearing about it constantly and knowing that most of what I hear has nothing to do with what it really is.

On one level I know that Jesus probably was not born at this time of year — and that there was very likely no snow or mistletoe, or wreathes, or decorated pine trees near the stable.

The individual I mentioned earlier who has been counting down till Christmas was one of the biggest complainers about working on “Black Friday” — go figure……

So, I hate Christmas…..

But I love the opportunities it provides to share the gospel,

to preach to an audience I might not otherwise see during the rest of the year,

to help my kids and grandchildren see how much they are loved,


to look for special ways to show my wife that she is loved and treasured,

to remember how much God loves and treasures me.

It’s a love / hate relationship.   I can live without the hype and hoopla.  But as Paul told the Ephesian church — make the most of every opportunity.

grinchcatFind a way to turn this time of year into an opportunity for service and witness.

Find a way to avoid the stupid and crazy…….

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