As we Journey — Change is a Given

2012-07-27 08.47.01Thirty eight years ago I stood at the front of the auditorium of the Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church and watched Connie come done the aisle on her father’s arm.  A few moments later I said “I do”.

Wow!  Looking back I realize I had absolutely no idea what I had done.

It has been an interesting journey.  The day before this posts we will have just spent the day yesterday at the McDowell Cancer Center completing Connie’s last round of Chemotherapy.  The day after it posts we will be marking her ** birthday.  (She isn’t sensitive about her age, but why risk it?!)

We have two adult children who have given us many great joys — and a few headaches.  We have two “in-law” children that we never could have described or guessed about 30+ years ago, but they are great additions to our family and we love them dearly.

Three male grandchildren — 9 years, 6 years, and almost 2 months.   I see some wild days ahead.   We have mourned the loss of a grandchild through miscarriage.   There have been nights in the emergency room, trips to baseball games, many a trip to McDonald’s, some court appearances (don’t ask!), and some wrecked cars along the way.

But guess what?  We never stopped loving each other or them.  There were times when we didn’t like each other, and some times when relationships were strained — but we still loved.

Reflecting on the mileposts of life that we are encountering in the midst of a battle with cancer and the inevitable maladies of aging I couldn’t help thinking about the similarities with our journey with Christ.  spiritual journey

That journey also has its good days and bad.  It has its times of heartache and doubt.

It has its times of absolute joy and what we often call mountain top experiences.  At times we yell at God and call Him names.  At times He is frustrated with our behavior –oh we of little faith.

We have seasons in which we praise and pray with great enthusiasm and fervor followed by the depths of doubt and prayers that fall flat on the floor.

But through it all —- He loves.  What more do we need?

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