Are You Qualified?


bluefish_flawed menClick the link and watch this


Ever felt like you simply have no qualifications to take the lead in church?  Or worse yet — do you feel like your flaws are keeping you from doing anything of significance for God?

As you see in the video the heroes of the faith all had their flaws.   God doesn’t call those who are flawless.  He doesn’t expect us to be perfect — apart from the cleansing and redemption of Christ’s blood.

  • He calls us to follow
  • He calls us to repent when we fail
  • He calls us to submit to His leading
  • He promises to “make us over” — make us fisher’s of men

Got flaws?  No problem.  Some God’s best work has been done through and around the flaws of men.  Jesus says, “Follow me, I will make you (change you) a fisher of men”.


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