The earliest any of you will be reading this is Wednesday morning — 9/18/13.  However, I am writing this a few days earlier.

I am alone (by choice). alone

It is a cloudy, somewhat dismal, fall day.

It is quiet.  And that is good.

Sometimes you need that.  That past few weeks have been extremely hectic.  The weeks ahead hold a lot of uncertainty.  Connie will be having her surgery to remove the cancer from her body a week from now.  We praise God it will be relatively minor because of her body’s good response to the Chemotherapy, but still….it is surgery.  We don’t know FOR CERTAIN what they will find.

After the surgery will be recovery.  I know how Connie is when she is sick, but the idea of her being out of commission for a couple weeks!  She doesn’t  do that.  She is always on the go — always has a project — always has a plan.

So today is a day to recover and prepare.  A day to nap.  A day to read.  A day to meditate.  A day to gather strength so I can be there for my love.

We have lost the idea of Sabbath in our society.  We constantly are going and doing — rarely taking time to just sit.  Taking time to listen.  Taking time to refresh.

Schedule a day.  Your soul needs it.  Remember the Sabbath — the day in which you rest.

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  1. Charles, That was nice. I just wanted you to know,you guys are in our prayers. Even though I do not know you very well and I don’t know Connie at all, I feel like I do through your writings. Thanks for sharing your life. We have a great Big Wonderful God, don’t we! Jacki

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