All of us…

The other day I took one of the grandsons to have brunch.

As chance would have it — we were seated near enough to the wait station that we could see most of what was going on and hear bits and pieces of the conversations there. waitress

Seated at the next table were two men in the “uniform” of the chain wearing name tags.  From the papers, laptops, and conversations it was apparent they were probably some sort of district managers or other high level management personnel.

Just about the time these fellows were finishing up their business there was a large, horrible crash from the wait station area.  As all eyes went that way we saw several wait staff standing in shock looking at what was once a fairly large order and many dishes scattered all over the floor.

Immediately the one senior manager stood up and walked over.  He asked in a stern but even voice — “Who is responsible for this?”

With no prompting or hesitation 5 hands went up in the air.

“How can that be?” was the next question.

Without missing a beat one waitress looked the manager in the eye and stated:

“When there is a problem we are all responsible for finding a solution”.

I think this is part of what Paul meant when he compared the church to the body and how when one part of the body is hurting — the entire body reacts and is involved.

As I have been working toward building a network of area churches to help finance and provide workers for the new church plant I have been reminded that sometimes there is an “us and them” mentality in church.

For the most part I have been encouraged and offered help (or at least the opportunity to discuss it further).

Yet there have been those whose reaction is “Good luck with that.”  “We have our own issues to deal with.”  “We have to pay our own bills – not yours.”

I have even had some who offered their opinions on how the congregation that closed could have “done things differently”.

“When there is a problem we are all responsible for finding a solution”.

Problem_solutionNo finger pointing.  No concern over blame.  No dodging the question.  Just a simple reaction of:

  • We have a problem
  • We need a solution

It was a great teaching moment about how the church should function.

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