All about the Bass

bass_trebleAfter the post from Wednesday — Self-Identify — I wanted to put a more positive spin on some the differences we encounter.

Part of what we celebrate is the beauty of the diversity we find all around us in God’s creation.

Paul told the Romans that in creation we can get a glimpse of the nature and character of God.  In that case He loves to keeps things changed up and interesting.

I celebration my friendship with black Americans, Brazilian natives, British ex-pats, Canadian transplants and those “white folk”  as my buddy calls them who share my European roots.

I love the young 20 somethings that I work with and their never-ending energy and potential in life.   The 30 something families I work with and their exciting lives filled with kids and fun.

The goth girl who finds this “old guy” interesting to talk to.  The older folks who still call me “kid” and “young fella”.

My fellow baby-boomers who are old enough to know better, but still too young to give up and stop.   Those of us whose drug of choice is ibuprofen.

Some of us are bass.  Some of us are treble.   We all need each other.

Sometimes our choices may not be what God desires — but we hang in there and encourage, admonish, exhort, challenge, and discipline each other to be more and more like the Christ we follow.

Following Jesus.  The disciples and those who followed were a diverse group.   The church is many with many functions — but comprising a whole with one function.

Called by Christ

Changed by Christ

Committed to Christ’s mission.

Matthew 4:19  KJV   Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.



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