Ah …. YOUTH!

Confession time – for about a month or so I have been a bit down.  Maybe even bordering on depressed.  Life and its onward march seems to have ganged up on my spirit making me all to aware of my own mortality and the proximity of the big “60”.  (yeah, I know — not that big a deal especially if you are 80 + and still seeing me as a kid)

Regardless — I have just been dragging through the days without much enthusiasm.  This past few days God has dropped some things in my path to remind me that it really isn’t all that bad.  In fact — when directly asked if I’d like to go back to being 30 again….. not so much.  Thirty was a good time for us.  And I liked some the things accomplished in the 30 something decade of my life.  But to go back….. no.

While this conversation made be feel better about life in the here and now some other events have made me look around and realize that some of the 30 somethings around me are really neat people!

Connie and I were treated to dinner with a couple who are currently “independent contractors”.  He took his skills and carved out a business for himself.  He and his wife travel extensively in their 42 foot camper and 1 ton dually truck.   They are doing well.   Not rich, but enjoying life together and the adventure of the road.  Eating in various local places — discovering the treasure of life in America’s small businesses.

Reconnected with a young lady who used to beg me to push her on the swings at church rough-tumble13camp.   Her musical talent and gift for looking at life through a unique lens have served her well.   Mallory is part of The Rough & Tumble.   She and her band mate will be in Lakewood, Ohio on April 6.    If you get a chance and are in Cleveland, Ohio on April 6 stop in.  Great to hear her voice again.  Great to see her pursuing that which she is passionate about.


Also I recently sat in on a meeting concerning some ministry ideas with the staff of a young (in many ways) church.  While it was obvious that 3 of us in the room were the “old-timers” we were young again as we heard these 4 ministry leaders share their dreams and philosophy of ministry.  They get it.  And they recognized that we had “gotten it” long before they had and they respected that.  I hope they understood how much we appreciate their take on the old themes of life as a disciple and the ministry of equipping others.Dan Smith family Dan Smith is the Lead Pastor of Momentum Christian.  Contact him and ask to be treated to a Starbucks (Assuming you are in the vicinity of Valley View Cinema / Cleveland, OH area).  When you ask — tell him I sent you.

I wish I had done some things differently when I was the age of these youngsters.  But I also know that God has used what I did then — just as He will use what I am doing now.  As Dr. Clark’s dear wife at Johnson University used to tell us students…. “Bloom where you are planted”.




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