A foot in each world…

Part of my adult life has been spent in the full-time ministry.  I love that world.  I think those who have been called to it are a special breed.  Those who do ministry well and are good at it deserve a special blessing both here on earth and in heaven.

Another part of this life has been spent working in the business world.  I love it also!  It is exciting and challenging.  The opportunities for witnessing are endless.   I happen to have spent a great deal of this time in the retail / big box world.  It brings me into contact with many people of many different stages of life and economic status.  I get to work with a lot of “youngsters” — millennials.  Those who are my kids ages and younger.  Wow, what great discussions about life and faith.

My current status has me living with a foot in both worlds.

My point?  Several:

  • I am more convinced than ever that the division between sacred and secular is a blurry line – if the line exists at all.
  • Your pastor / minister needs your prayers, love, encouragement, and pat on the back.  No matter how ineffective he may seem to be — he is called to do the impossible.  His work is never done.  There is always one more call he could make, one more prospect to pray over, one more lesson to write, another revision of the sermon to make it “just right”.
  • Your pastor / minister lives with secrets.  He has been told things in confidence that will go the grave with him.  There are things he wants to talk with someone about — that he can never reveal.
  • The “laymen and laywomen” of the church are the engine that make it run.  Nothing gets done without them.  They are called sheep in the scripture.  Sheep can be so stupid.  But God still loves them and put his life on the line for their benefit.
  • These lay people work 40, 50, 60 hours a week and still find time for services, committees, volunteer work, and their family. They sacrifice a lot at times.

body of christIn church this week look around.   The preacher, the leaders, the members, the visitors — are all God’s chosen.  He loved them all so much He gave his only son so that those who believe would have a relationship with Him and eternal life.  He didn’t send Jesus to condemn these people — but to save them.  (John 3:16-17,  Hahlen condensed version)




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