Encore posting of a previous post on 8/23/2013

I was prompted to repost this because of a tweet I saw the other day (I think it was Rick Warren, but not positive).

I will have to paraphrase it:   “Our churches overlook older pastors, while their members fill auditoriums to hear 70 year old rock stars”.

Interesting perspective.   Some of the same people who complain about how young their doctor is — will not even consider hiring a minister over 40 because they want someone who can “relate” to young families.

But do hey really have anything worthwhile to say to these young families?

Look again at what Paul Williams has to say:

Older and Wiser and Out of Work

I wanted to share a post from a friend and colleague.  Although it won’t have the significance for younger readers that it does for us more “seasoned” disciples — it does have an impact on the church and future of the many churches.  If you are a church leader, especially one who is looking at hiring ministry staff, then you need to take a look at this interesting article.

Paul WilliamsBy Paul S. Williams This past spring I received a note from a friend. He has done a good job in every church he has served. Unfortunately, he told me that yet again he was one of three finalists for a ministry position, but was passed over because he is 55 years old. He said, […]

via Older and Wiser and Out of Work.

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